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Jon's Call to Ministry

Jon has felt the Lord's calling on his life for many years as he has ministered to the lost and hurting people God has brought into his life for the last twenty-three years. This calling was confirmed after Jon had the opportunity to meet Cullen Davis for the second time in March of 2016 when he travelled to Texas to meet with him. Jon met with Cullen to discuss a judgment Jon had against him. But instead of talking about the judgment, Jon shared his ministry, the gospel of Jesus Christ, and offered Cullen Davis a way out of the torment Jon had expected he was living in. During Jon's daily reading on the day he met Cullen, he read through the gospel of Matthew chapter ten. And when Jon read verses seven through thirteen, and then contemplating the opportunity to share the gospel, and the path to freedom with Cullen Davis, as he had so many others, he realized this was what God was calling to him to do full time. He just didn't know the when or the how. The majority of Jon's ministry has been conducted primarily in the homes of the people he has ministered to. He has gone out to hurting people to visit them where they were at to show them that freedom, through salvation, forgiveness and reconciliation, was waiting for them. It wasn't a job, a service, or a duty, Jon was simply showing the same love that God had shown to him. God had freely given to him and so freely he gave. Four and half years from the day Jon heard God's calling, in October of 2020, after having received confirmation and support from his wife Alana, and his two sons, Isaiah and Noah, Jon went forward during a Sunday service to publicly declare God's call on his life. In January of 2021 Jon and Alana officially formed Bold and Free Ministries.

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