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break free - the Workshop

fundamentals of forgiveness, reconciliation, restoration, and godly love
  • What drives someone to hurt another person?

  • Why do I feel like I'm on an emotional roller coaster ride with so many people in my life?

  • Why can't I stop thinking about the hurtful things people have done to me?

  • How do I keep myself from being hurt over and over by the people who are supposed to keep me safe?

  • How do I get joy and peace in my life?

  • Why can't I overcome my fear?

  • How can I stop feeling helpless and hopeless?

  • Why do I feel like I need to control everyone and every situation?

  • How can I tell if they are really sorry for what they did to me?

  • Does forgiving someone mean I have to immediately start trusting them again?

  • Does reconciling with someone mean I just have to keep letting them hurt me over and over again?

  • Can I ever trust someone and feel safe in a relationship?

  • Is it possible for a relationship to be healed and restored after so much hurt has happened?

  • Is there a point of no return in a relationship?

  • How do I stop running away everytime I'm hurt?

  • How do I stop hurting the people I care about?

  • Does the emotional pain ever go away?

  • I have heard forgiveness is a process, does that mean I have to endure the torment of past hurts for a long time?

These are some of the questions we have heard so many times as we encounter the confusion that surrounds the topics of biblical forgiveness, accountability, reconciliation, restoration and godly sacrificial love. Join us for a Break Free Workshop to discover the answers to these questions and more.

Life Changing

Weight Lifted

Freedom Discovered

Workshop agenda

The Cycle of Fear, Hurt and Pain

Understanding how we find ourselves ensnared in a cycle of fear, hurt, and pain fueled by sin. And learning what drives people to do some of the hurtful things they do.

Authentic Forgiveness

Understanding the difference between fake and authentic forgiveness of others, the difference between fake and authentic repentance and how to practically do forgiveness in a way that leads to a peace, kindness, and compassion-filled heart free from the emotional pain of past hurts, guilt, shame, and regret once and for all.

The Cycle of Love, Reconciliation, and Restoration

Understanding what it means to stop the cycle of fear, hurt, pain by reflecting a mirror of God's love to people who are walking in sin. Learning how to lead people through a cycle of love, reconciliation, and restoration that produces healthy relationships or definitive boundaries. Learning how to overcome fear and boldly love people the way God loves us.

The Greatest Love Story Ever Told

For those who do not understand what true forgiveness and godly sacrificial love is all about, we will show you the true definition of love in the person of Jesus Christ.

Giving God the Glory

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