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Teaching the Fundamentals of Christianity

Bold and Free Ministries is a Bible-believing Christian organization dedicated to helping lead people to the abundant life God has called all of us to. We are a Colorado-based 501c3 organization. Our focus is to train people how to implement practical, challenging, and life-changing discipleship that is inspired by the Word of God, and dependant on the indwelling of the Holy Spirit which works as the change agent in the life of a believer. We do not discriminate on the basis of denominational differences. There are a few core tenets of faith that we have as the basis for partnering with churches or other Christian ministries and organizations. You can see our statement of faith here.


Our vision is to help as many people as possible come to understand and see God's promises fulfilled in their life. We do not offer professional counseling services. We offer discipleship in the Christian faith that, when practiced, can be used to solve some of life's most difficult challenges and lead to safe and loving relationships free from fear, hurt, and pain.


We do not teach people how to cope with life's problems, but rather how to be free from the past, and how to live bold, courageous, and victorious lives. We do not request payment for the use of our content, the discipleship, or the training we offer to individuals, families, churches, and other organizations. Freely we have received and so freely we give (Mat 10:8). Only after a church, organization, family, or individual sees sustained spiritual fruit as a result of our ministry, do we humbly accept their desire to invest in our ministry by offering a financial gift, or by sharing their time and talent with our organization.

We are focused on teaching and training people the ABCs and 123s of the Christian faith so they can then share with others. We start by teaching how people respond and react in the flesh and through their fear. We then teach authentic forgiveness and reconciliation with God and others. We also teach people how to love others the way God loves us and how to restore broken relationships. We find many times people do not understand how to truly forgive others, or repent of their sin, and be free from the hurt caused by others, or themselves because they don't understand what it means to be forgiven by God for everything they have done. Many people have a distorted view of the definition of forgiveness and run from it. Many of the problems people struggle with are directly related to the hurtful actions being done by, and/or done to, the closest people in their life. Some of those hurts may be happening in the present and some may have been done in the past.


Many people suffer from toxic, emotionally and/or physically destructive, and dysfunctional relationships that have been passed down for many generations and have learned how to cope with the pain they feel every day as their version of normal instead of living free, bold, and courageous lives. Some people struggle with debilitating fear that leaves them emotionally paralyzed or worse, is used as a weapon to hurt those around them. Once people have understood and can practice these fundamental concepts of the Christian faith, we then offer other discipleship experiences specifically designed for family reconciliation, or to teach people what it means to live a pure life free from the temptations and consequences of sexual immorality. We also have a discipleship experience designed to teach people how to have healthy and godly friendships between men and women. You can see a full list of our discipleship experiences here.

Jon has been discipling and loving people of all ages, genders, and ethnic backgrounds who have struggled with many different types of debilitating issues in their life for the past twenty-three years. God has used Jon to help individuals caught in the cycle of one or more abusive relationships learn how to boldly love, and confront, the people who have hurt them without having to run away from, give in to, or hurt back. God has also used Jon to help those who have perpetuated abusive behavior to others to learn how to let go of the painful memories of being hurt themself and then replace their destructive behaviors with godly behavior designed to uplift, love, and edify. God has used Jon to help those struggling with the trauma of sexual molestation and rape find freedom from their past and go on to help lead other victims to freedom. And God has also used Jon to help those struggling with pornography, gambling, drug and alcohol addictions as well as those with suicidal tendencies let go of the hurtful memories that drive them to such destructive behavior and find hope through the purpose and plan God has for each of them. 

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