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Noel - Missouri

It is very difficult to live the life God intends for us when a cage of lies keeps us from seeing what that life is. Our God is loving and He desires to have a relationship with us so we can be more like Him. He desires us to love one another. We cannot do those things if we do not understand, in words and in practice, His definition of love.
We have false definitions of love because so often what the people around us call “love” is not really love. Sometimes, like in my life, many of the actions I was told were loving were abusive actions. I saw love as a burdensome, untrustworthy thing that hurt as much as it helped.
What Jon does is he meets you where you are. He meets you where you are still hurting because of what other people have done to you and where you want to hurt other people to release the pain. He reaches through the pain, anger and fear to that part of yourself where you want to be valued, loved, and be able to love others. And he tells you, or reminds you, that it is possible for you to live like that.
He reveals the truth that is there all along but that we have a distorted view of. He challenges the fears you have using scripture in a method that is not just about reading the Bible like many people do. Instead of just throwing out verses and encouragement and wishing you the best, he builds the fellowship that is supposed to be had between believers. Jon was the first person to spend enough hours with my family that I truly believed him when he said he cared about and loved us. His example was the first and strongest example of the Godly love he was about to set us free with.
Jon helped my family rediscover God and His definitions of life and what kind of lives we were meant to lead. We now have healthier and deeper relationship with one another and a clearer understanding of the God who loves in a way that holds you accountable, grows you, and heals.
Praise God for this new life that was brought to us by Jon’s obedience! The journey is not easy, but it is well worth it.

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